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Why begin a Living Ripples partnership?

Living Ripples supports your aims to improve the resilience and self-confidence in the children at your school. It acts as an evidence-based compass for you to prioritise and measure wellbeing activities with reliable, data-protected student check-ins.


An award winning student wellbeing program

Living Ripples partner school – Berry Public School, NSW honoured with an Excellence Award for Best Student Wellbeing Program in the 2022 Australian Education Awards.

Congratulations Berry PS Principal Bob Willetts and the dedicated Berry PS wellbeing team and community.

Pictured here is Berry PS team – Sue, Lisa, Joanne & Principal Bob Willetts, Susan Hilliar PSL NSW, Liz Phillips, Professor Amanda Third, Kristen Skinner, Andrew Kent, Norm Hart












Getting involved

Living Ripples is a collaborative program supported by first class systems, research and subject matter experts.

If you would like to improve the resilience and self-confidence of your students OR if you would like to join the team please send us and email at

We’d love to hear from you.

Students and their Principal enjoying the fun of a human ripple at the Living Ripples launch assembly